Repackage Parcel Delivery

Let’s turn a $7 billion problem into an unlimited opportunity.

Introducing the Pogo Smart Door: patented design and technology that provides secure delivery of parcels to homes and businesses without the need for ingress by delivery personnel. We create opportunity for stakeholders at every step of the value chain — retailers, suppliers, shippers, customers, and every other party involved in shipping and e-commerce.

Pogo’s Smart Delivery technology is designed to simultaneously eliminate the problem of package theft and improve efficiency of parcel delivery for B2B and B2C applications. The market size is immense: any door, any customer, anywhere.

Some shippers think about the “final mile.”
Pogo solves the “final yard.”


The Revolution’s Revolution.


The proliferation of e-commerce has completely reshaped retail economics and consumer culture.

It has also introduced major, recalcitrant pain points throughout the value chain that have gone unsolved and cost billions: package theft and delivery inefficiencies now famously torment nearly every delivery stakeholder in all markets, domestic and international.

Pogo has designed a unique system that solves these issues.

51% of American prefer online shopping.
53% of Americans alter their plans to receive a package at home even if a signature isn’t required.
24% of Americans have had a package stolen from them after the delivery to their homes.

Only 10% of all package theft incidents lead to an arrest of the culprits.

There are 17 package thefts per 1000 people in metro areas across the USA.

42 % of Americans have sent packages to alternative addresses to avoid theft.

24 % of consumers say they chose not to make an online purchase out of fear of theft.

The Covid-19 pandemic has obliterated all precedents in e-commerce and parcel delivery established in previous years. 2020 Global Parcel Volume, for example, exceeded 100 billion for the first time. And data from previous years chart an irreversible trend: parcel delivery to residences and businesses across all retail channels is moving in only one direction: up.


Pogo Delivers Talent.


The Pogo Smart Door is the result of a collaboration between leaders in product design, engineering, data capture, IoT, shipping logistics, e-commerce, manufacturing, construction, and marketing from across the United States. Our team is focused on the broad spectrum of opportunity our flagship product represents — from expanding secure e-commerce to data capture and much more.

The Pogo Smart Door is a proprietary system featuring a patented combination of an easy-access entry point, sensor technology, simple but rugged hardware, and a cloud-based software platform. Pogo provides a safe, secure method to eliminate parcel theft. Its purpose is to maximize carrier delivery efficiency and improve experiences throughout the logistics value chain.

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