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The parcel delivery industry’s obsession with improving efficiency in the “Final Three Miles” is well documented. Pogo believes there’s enormous opportunity to controlling the “Final Yard.” This is where we capture value with a combination of harware, software, and connectivity (IoT).

The Pogo business model can generate revenue from all nodes on the value chain in both B2B and B2C markets — from the online shopping cart to the point of delivery, credit card companies, delivery carriers, insurance companies, door manufacturers, data aggregators, and more.

The Challenge

Depending on which source you read, package theft in the United States piles up losses of up to $7 billion annually. But that’s only part of the story.

Inefficient delivery processes cost carriers time, fuel, unnecessary mileage on fleets and additional overhead costs — waste experienced by all carriers for single-package deliveries. Commercial delivery recipients face interruptions to sign for packages, lost after-delivery issues, and limitations with delivery restricted to standard operating hours (10 am – 4 pm). Liability for package theft falls on the shipper when packages left outside a business or home are stolen. This complicates the “final yard” or parcel delivery.

Simultaneously, as e-commerce steamrolls the retail and commercial marketplaces, customers expect fast, accurate, and on-time deliveries. commercial and residential consumers alike assess their customer experience inclusive of the delivery process. Of those living in apartment buildings, only 40 percent say the capacity of their current “locker” system is sufficient. And deserved or not, disruptions are usually attributed to the product brand or seller even if caused by a carrier or other parties. As such, seamless, convenient, reliable delivery is now mandatory  — the minimum ante for satisfactory fulfillment.

The Pogo Smart Door delivers on that order.

“The ‘Final Mile’ in the logistics chain represents 41 % of the total cost of parcel delivery.”

The Pogo Smart Door

Pogo has designed a proprietary system with a patented combination of an easy-access entry point, sensor technology, simple but rugged hardware, and a cloud-based software platform to provide a safe, secure method of eliminating parcel theft to maximize carrier delivery efficiency, and to improve experiences throughout the logistics value chain. 

Our 24-hour autonomous receiving system triples the delivery window for commercial shipments and reduces staffing needs for commercial customers. It provides true real-time delivery data for all parties, and represents the first and only “final yard” solution to reduce costs for the seller, verify receipt for the shippers, and deliver peace of mind to the customer that their goods are secure even if they’re not on hand to receive them.

Pogo Smart Door uses wireless authentication processes to actuate a door-within-a-door opening mechanism to allow parcels to be delivered directly inside a location without permitting any person to physically enter into the envelope of the building. The product consists of a proprietary combination of sensor technology, software, cloud-based data transfer, and a physically operating, weather-proof door panel (the “door within a door”) that opens and closes securely, on demand, via recognition of authorized parcels or other deliveries. 

The system is designed for safety, reliability, flexibility, convenience, and security and will communicate seamlessly with parcel carrier logistics systems via a proprietary barcode API.

In short: the Pogo Smart Door can read a barcode ID on a parcel, authenticate the package, open to allow placement of a parcel indoors without allowing a human to infiltrate the property, close and lock securely, record the transaction, and report it to all parties: the customer, the carrier, the vendor, the financial partner. 

Pogo has also designed a temperature-control option to accommodate perishables, like restaurant or grocery deliveries. The system includes integrated 5G hardware, a local IoT ecosystem hub, and Autonomous Authentication.

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